Trekking in Bhutan

Treks are very popular in Bhutan because it allows the traveler to get off the beaten track and on to the wondrous Bhutanese landscape. Just imagine wandering through a wilderness with a diversity of flora and fauna that has led to Bhutan being declared one of 10 global hot spots for environmental conservation.

Tours and treks range from short soothing walks through terraced fields and idyllic hamlets to some of the most arduous high altitude treks. The six-day Druk Path treks across coniferous forests abloom with rhododendron flowers and shimmering lakes or the 21-day Snowman alpine quest, there’s one for every one.

While on a trek, you will be accompanied by friendly and experienced guide, trekking cook, assistants, 2-3 horse men and horses to carry equipment and supplies. You will be put up in tents at nights.

Our trekking cooks are experienced and there are no places in Bhutan where they have not wielded the pot and pan and they can whip up a delicious meal at any altitude, weather or time. Our trekking cooks are trained by the Department of Tourism and specialize in Bhutanese, Indian and Chinese cuisine.

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