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Top Attractions To Explore During Your Next Tibet Tour

Tibet, also known as the roof of the world, is on every traveler’s bucket list. The land is known for its centuries-old customs, mysterious religious culture and of course undamaged pure natural beauty.

Listed below are the top attractions to explore during your next Tibet tour.

Visit the Potala Palace:

This majestic white & red building complex truly represents the iconic image of the “Roof of the World”. Potala Palace is a massive treasure house of materials & articles from Tibetan religion, history, art and culture. The historic place is widely admired for its precious Buddha statues, sculptures, antiques, murals and spiritual jewelry that are housed within. It’s the must-visit attraction and included on all most all Tibet travel packages from Nepal.

Make a circuit of Barkhor Street:

Barkhor Street is not just a pilgrimage circuit but also known as the busiest shopping street in Tibet selling a wonderful collection of souvenirs from Nepal and Tibet.

Feel free to join the pilgrims as they circle clockwise around Jokhang Temple to roll the prayer wheels, or join the locals bargaining hard over mementos.

Most tourists walk around this shopping street following a trip to Jokhang Temple.

Watch Monks Debating At Sera Monastery:

This is a highlight of any Tibet holidays and shouldn’t be missed at any cost. The monks in their typical red clothes gather at the monastery courtyard every afternoon. Throughout a debate they may jumps or make several other engrossing gestures and it’s really fascinating to watch.

Keep in mind that the monk debates at Sera Monastery don't happen on Sundays. So plan your trip accordingly.

Enjoy The Beauty of Lake Yamdrok:

Yamdrok Lake will simply take your breath away with its magnificent scenery. On clear days it’s a fabulous shade of deep turquoise that’s worth exploring. It’s a refreshing experience to witness a lake following the cultural experiences of Lhasa.

Visit Norbulingka – The Summer Palace of Dalai Lamas:

Situated in the west of Lhasa, Norbulingka Norbulingka is known as the summer palace of the Dalai Lamas. It’s the largest garden, with the best scenery and the most historical sites, in Tibet. It has been turned into a park.  This is also a crucial place to rejoice the Shoton Festival, a customary Tibetan festival.         

So, get your luggage ready for an adventure of a lifetime in the landlocked country of Tibet. I am sure that you will want to visit this country again and gain.