Nepal Responsible Travel

Responsible Nepal Travel Holidays – At Welcome Nepal we have always believed in three simple guiding principles for the way in which we want to travel.

  • We realise that every destination is someone else’s home
  • We should leave places as we would like to find them
  • We should ensure that communities benefit from our visit

What is Nepal Responsible Travel?
Nepal Responsible travel is about minimising your impact and maximising your connection with people and the environment. Its about making a positive contribution and having the most rewarding and inspiring travel experiences of your life.

nepal-responsible-travelResponsible tourism can be more-or-less defined as travel that takes into consideration the triple bottom line issues of:

Environment: travel that minimises negative environmental impacts and, where possible, makes positive contributions to the conservation of biodiversity, wilderness, natural and human heritage.

Social/Cultural: travel that respects culture and traditions and fosters authentic interaction and greater understanding between travellers and hosts.

Economic: travel that has financial benefits for the host community and operates on the principles of fair trade.

Travelling by the responsible travel ethos is one of the most direct and personal ways you can make a difference to some of the biggest issues affecting our world: poverty and peace. Be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem - and have the time of your life doing it.

Responsible Nepal Travel is a Force For good/ Loved to death
nepal-responsible-travelTourism is one of the most important and largest industries on the planet. It employs more people worldwide than any other, with millions of families relying on tourism for their daily needs. Of course there are negatives attached.

The last few decades have been dotted with disaster stories where tourism has resulted in over-development, destruction of environments and in cultural misunderstandings and mistrust. It has also recently been embroiled in the debate about global warming and carbon emissions caused by flying. At Exodus we believe that our type of small group, positive impact tourism can bring benefits to many communities, help preserve the environments we travel to see, and provide real and positive social exchanges.

Benefits can be obvious in parts of the developing world where the income we provide can mean the difference between economic survival and poverty. However, even in Europe, tourism can help stabilise rural communities by providing much needed employment and give powerful economic reasons to preserve shrinking natural environments.

Responsible Nepal Travel-What Else Do We Do?
nepal-responsible-travelFor several years now we have identified specific projects where, as a worldwide tour operator, we are in an ideal position to actively help some of the less fortunate communities that we visit, whilst also encouraging them to protect the very environments and wildlife that we so enjoy seeing. To enable us to fund these projects efficiently, Exodus has entered into a partnership with the registered charity Friends of Conservation.

Established in 1982, Friends of Conservation (FOC) works in all parts of the world to support effective community-based conservation projects. In the struggle to save endangered species and habitats, FOC is committed to work with local people and partners to find sustainable ways of living in harmony with wildlife, ecosystems and the environment. You can find details of some of our Responsible Tourism Projects on individual Project pages using the Our Projects link in the Menu on the left.

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