Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour
Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

Trip Facts

  • Destination: Nepal
  • Trip Difficulty: Easy
  • Trip Style: Tour
  • Transport: Drive or Flight
  • Food: Breakfast , Lunch & Dinner (BLD)
  • Accommodation: Hotel / Guest House / Lodge
  • Group Size: 1-25
  • Max Elevation: 1,365m
  • Seasons: Jan - Dec

About Nepal Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

Nepal Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour 7 Day Itinerary, Price 2022/23

Nepal is the land of Gautam Buddha- the pioneer of peace and the initiator of Buddhism. Buddhism is one of the main religions in the world. All religions are respected in Nepal so as Buddha’s preachings. Nepal has a variety of places where the ideologies of Buddha are still alive. Nepal Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour is the tour from which you can know where and how Buddhism prevails.

Nepal Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour is one of the popular religious tours in Nepal. It is one of those tours in Nepal that showcases the importance of a religion with ideologies. You get to explore all the Buddhist monuments in Nepal. Be it the visit to Lumbini or sightseeing around Boudhanath, everything about the Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal is special. Starting the Buddhist Trip from Kathmandu where you can observe a number of Buddhist monuments, the Buddhist  trip extends to Lumbini. You get to visit Swayambhunath Stupa and Bouddhanath Stupa both of which are listed in the World Heritage List by UNESCO. The open museum for Buddhists is another popular site to pay a visit.

The Nepal Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour Itinerary extends towards the lush forests of the Terai region. Lumbini is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha located in the Kapilvastu District. You can visit Mayadevi Temple and Puskarini- a pond where Buddha’s mother took a dip after his birth.

The Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour concludes back in Kathmandu. All and all, Nepal Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour is a famous pilgrimage tour in Nepal not only for Buddhists but also for those who idolize Buddha in every part of life.

Highlights of Nepal Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

  1. Peaceful time in Swayambhunath
  2. Visit to Puskarini
  3. Exploring the lush forests of Terai Region
  4. Sightseeing around Boudhanath


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                What's included

                • All hotel/airport transfer 
                • All deluxe hotel (3 star) accommodation as per the itinerary with breakfast
                • Comfortable private vehicle for sightseeing
                • Kathmandu- Bhairahawa-kathmandu flight ticket or by private tourist vehicle
                • Professional tour guide on whole day trip in Kathmandu.
                • Sightseeing and Monastery fees as per itinerary
                • Farewell dinner in typical Nepali Restaurant with cultural dance show
                • All our government taxes, vat, official expenses & service charges

                What's not included

                • Any lunch, dinner, snacks, mineral water etc. unless mentioned in the itinerary.
                • Tipping (expected by guides and porters, but not mandatory)
                • Portage, laundry, telephone calls, table drinks or any other expenses of personal nature.


                Useful Information

                Best Part about the Nepal Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour 7 Day Itinerary, Price 2022/23

                Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour is a perfect opportunity for all travelers to get to know about how rich the Buddhist culture is. Every person whom you meet on the trip will have a very sacred and helpful approach to life. Having been positively influenced by Gautam Buddha, Buddhist travelers would love to accompany themselves with people having similar helpful and peaceful approaches to life.

                The best part about the Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour is that you get to visit many Buddhist shrines in Nepal from Swayambhunath to Lumbini. Nepal being the birthplace of Gautam Buddha is a place you as a Buddha follower can’t miss out on going to. The naturally enthralling spots in Nepal blended with the Buddhist shrines result in a perfect Buddhist Monastery Retreat. There are also opportunities for travelers to stay for a month in Nepal to study with monks. It is popularly known as “Monk for a month”. You will get to know about what it’s like being a monk in Nepal and their lifestyle. You will fall in love with the wonderful teachings which the Buddhists follow which revolve around peace and non-violence.

                Nepal Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour - A Retreat for Travelers from all around the world

                Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour is a perfect opportunity for all travelers to visit the pilgrimages which are really important in Buddhism. Starting your journey from Kathmandu where some of the most important Buddhist shrines are present. Swayambhunath and Boudhanath are two of the most instrumental heritages in Buddhism which are also enlisted on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visiting Syawambhunath after climbing the stairs and checking out the view of the Kathmandu Valley is a worldly pleasure. The vibe and environment of the Swayambhunath shrine are very special and you can just be at the moment there and fall in love with your life-choices of exploring new places every day.

                Similarly, Boudhanath is another cultural heritage that lies northwest of Kathmandu. It is one of the most popular Buddhist shrines in Nepal which is also enlisted on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Surrounded by settlements and shops, the Boudhanath shrine looks like a perfect representation of a rare flower in a forest. Visiting Boudhanath in the evening and in the morning is extra special. You also get a chance to light diyos and candles in name of your loved ones, or for yourself to acknowledge any progressive events that happened in your life. Not only this, there are also other gumbas and monasteries when you are in Kathamndu where you can visit and can dive deep to know about the wonderful lifestyle and the wonderful teachings.

                Most importantly, the highlight of the Nepal Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour would be the visit to Lumbini which is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. Lumbini is the place where Gautam Buddha was born and where he spent his entire childhood. There is a spot where you see Gautam Buddha walking his first steps. It is an alluring sight to witness for all Buddhist travelers from all around the globe. All in all, the Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal is an opportunity of a lifetime for all Buddhist followers. Nepal Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour with Welcome Nepal Treks is even more special.

                Hotels and Accommodation during Nepal Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

                When you are on the Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour, you will be visiting different Buddhist sites that have historical and cultural importance. No matter where you are going on the trip, you have to come to the capital of Nepal’s cultural and historical tourism which is Kathmandu. While you are in Kathmandu, you will be staying at some of the best hotels too at a very reasonable price brought to you by Welcome Nepal Treks.

                You will be residing at 3-star hotels that are famous for providing the best hotel services to travelers. You can get facilities like laundry, WiFi, a gym, a sauna, parking, and other services. The varieties of cuisines you get to taste in the hotels are immense. You will fall in love with the food and the overall facilities of the hotels. Similarly, when you are in Lumbini, you also get to stay in some of the best hotels. As Lumbini is a hotter region, the hotels where you stay will provide you AC too so that your stay there is magnificent and comfortable. All in all, the hotels and lodges you will be staying in will be made sure to be the very best by Welcome Nepal Treks as it works hand in hand with the hotel owners to provide you with the most incredible hotel service.

                Drinking Water during the Nepal Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

                You won't have to worry about the quality of the water given to you when staying in the hotels in Kathmandu or Lumbini. All hotels will provide you with pure, processed drinking water that has been boiled to your specifications. If you are sightseeing, it would be the finest and most convenient for you to bring bottled drinking water with you. Additionally, you can bring filtered drinking water in bottles that have been filled at hotels. It is not recommended to consume water from any water sources or street stores because it could lead to serious problems and waterborne infections. You should be careful about what you eat and drink, especially during the monsoon season. You as a traveler don't need to worry too much because the drinking water facility on Kathmandu Tour is fantastic. In contrast, the drinking water facility is completely different in each trekking package. You must always have water purification tablets on hand, and you must use them as soon as you spot a water source from which you intend to drink.

                What and Where to Eat during the Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour? | Food and Meals during the Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

                The meals you will be served will be even more special because you will be staying in some of the most opulent hotels in the capital city and the land of Gautam Buddha. Your taste buds will be enlivened like never before by the unique treats. The Thakali Khana Set, which combines every delectable Nepali food into one plate, is the most well-liked dish in Nepal. It is the top suggestion for anyone planning a trip to Nepal in the next year or so. You will also receive breakfast goods like fruits, toast, tea, coffee, omelets, pancakes, croissants, and other foods. In addition, you will also receive morning juice if you request it. Similar to that, there are many other food items like spaghetti, dumplings, noodles, burgers, and other western cuisines. Since you are going on a pilgrimage tour it is advised to have vegetarian food in most places as it is believed that if you have vegetarian food it is better. Various international cuisines will be served to you. All you need is a desire to experiment with new foods. You will also receive sweets with each meal.


                Buddhists going on pilgrimage is a common thing we get to witness. So, what do Buddhists really do on pilgrimage? The Buddhists who go on pilgrimages perform meditation and chant prayers to Gautam Buddha. They follow a strict routine where they do meditation and distance themselves from any sort of distractions that might create disturbance in their meditation.

                In Buddhism, pilgrimages are extremely important. It is believed that pilgrimages help followers to develop a great spirituality. Pilgrimages are mostly the places where there is a deep connection with the Buddha- The Messenger of Peace. It is a dream of every follower to go on at least one pilgrimage in his life. It also puts forward the fact of how much importance pilgrimages have in Buddhism in general.

                Buddhists love to visit any of the pilgrimage sites that promote their love and respect for Buddha via a deeper connection. All the pilgrimage sites are extremely instrumental to the Buddhists as they believe that every place they visit brings them a step closer to the spirituality promoted by Gautam Buddha. According to a majority of Buddhist followers, Lumbini, Bodh Gaya, Sarnath, and Kushinagar are the most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites where you have to be at least once in your life. Lumbini, Bodh Gaya, Sarnath, Kushinagar along with Vaishali, Shravasti, Rajgir, Namo Budhha, Swayambhunath, and Boudhanath are the places of pilgrimage considered holy by Buddhists.

                All in all, Nepal Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour is a golden chance to visit all the Buddhist heritages that hold so much importance in Buddhism. Even though you follow any other religions, you can still join the Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour as you will learn a lot and the things you will learn on the pilgrimage trip would be instrumental for your personal and professional life. Come over to the land of Gautam Buddha, and adore the incredible teachings of Buddhism which if you follow will bring revolutionary changes in life. Welcome Nepal Treks welcomes you to Nepal to explore the incredible Buddhist heritages that hold so much cultural and historical significance.

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