Nepal Mountain Flight
Nepal Mountain Flight

Trip Facts

  • Destination: Nepal
  • Trip Difficulty: Moderate
  • Trip Style: Sightseeing
  • Transport: Fly in - Fly Out
  • Group Size: 1 to 25
  • Max Elevation: 6,000m
  • Seasons: Jan - Dec

About Mountain Flight in Nepal By Plane From Kathmandu

Mountain Flight in Nepal By Plane From Kathmandu 1 Hour Price

Nepal Mountain Flight tour style is the least tiring course to witness the different high Himalayas of Nepal. Consistently at a young hour early in the day the flights are taken off from Kathmandu Airport towards the mountains of Nepal. On the off chance that you need to look at Nepal's elevated Himalayas without some thorough strolling movement then this is a perfect decision of holidaying in Nepal. Welcome Nepal Treks & Tours offers various trekking and Nepal Tour packages at the best rates. Among such travel bundles Nepal Mountain Flight tour package is exceptional and extravagant.

After a flight is taken off from the Tribhuwan International Airport’s domestic Terminal in Kathmandu explorers will begin to get the looks of mountains in only 5 minutes of flying. The mountains like Dorje Lakpa, Langtang Lirung, Gaurishankar, Jugal, Ganesh and so on are the principal set of mountains. Facilitate voyagers will get the looks of mountains like Manaslu, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri range and Everest. There are more than 80 mountains to look at amid the Nepal Mountain Flight Tour package trip. The guide relegated by Welcome Nepal Treks & Tours or the plane steward will clarify about these mountains. You will be flabbergasted to see the quantity of mountains arranged in transit. This is truly unique movement to do. Nepal Mountain Flight tour package allows people to visualize the mountains of Nepal without spending high amount of energy. Strolling in the high slopes and mountain base camps of Nepal requires no less than seven days' strolling venture. It is strenuous and tiring. In this manner, for those looking to look at such mountains easily without a cost of body Nepal Mountain Flight Tour package is a perfect decision. Come and visit Nepal for astounding occasions of holidaying. There are various activities in Nepal.

Mountain Flight in Nepal is one of the most popular Nepal Tours to get into. Being such a popular one-day tour, the mountain flight tour by plane from Kathmandu is one of the easiest tours for people of all age groups. Giving you an opportunity to explore Nepal like never before, the Mountain Flight in Nepal is the tour that makes it possible for people to explore the Everest Region and Annapurna Region via a flight who can’t go a long trekking journey through the rugged trekking trails of mountains. You will be on the mountain flight gliding over the mountains talking the words of adventure with the air above. The pictures clicked from there and the memories made there on the flight are special. The fun you will have on the mountain flight tour is extravagant. As the plane moves towards the depth of nature, you will find yourself getting soaked in the natural richness Nepal has in its store for you. The Mountain Flight in Nepal by Plane from Kathmandu brought to you by Welcome Nepal Treks is a perfect vacation plan for 2022/23 with heavy discounts on different mountain flight packages.

Highlights of Mountain Flight in Nepal By Plane From Kathmandu

Mountain Flight in Nepal by Plane from Kathmandu Highlights

  • Exquisite views of the world’s famous mountain peaks like Everest, Manaslu, Dhaulagiri
  • Scenic flight over the Himalayas
  • Getting soaked into the true essence of nature
  • Witness the magnificence of nature in the alpine landmarks
  • Very less tiring journey giving you more energy to explore the nature


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Nepal Mountain Flight by Plane form Kathmandu Itinerary Overview

Mountain Flight in Nepal is the perfect opportunity to see the moutains in such a way that the memories you make on the trip would be unforgettable. Starting off the trip, you will be picked up from your hotel and taken to the airport. It is the place in Kathmandu from where you would be boarding your Mountain Flight to the snowy mountains. After the flight is taken off, you would be seeing the mountains in just 2-3 minutes. Once you get on the journey, the magnificence keeps getting on your nerves in a very positive way. You would be seeing mountains like Manaslu, Dhaulagiri, Everest, GauriShankar, Langtang Lirung, Jugal, Ganesh, and many more from the flight which is a worldly experience to have. 

If you are in Kathmandu, then you can not miss this popular optional Everest Mountain Flight trip. We will pick you up early morning ( 6:00 AM) and drive to the Kathmandu Airport. You will be in a plane for 1 hour viewing the spectacular view of highest mountains in the world.

    What's included

    • 1 HRS Flight (full refundable in case of no flight)
    • Car picks up from Hotel & drops off to Hotel 
    • Certificate
    • Guaranteed Window seat
    • Entry/Admission - Mount Everest

    What's not included

    • Personal Expenses
    • Tips 

    Useful Information

    Transportation on Mountain Flight in Nepal by Plane

    When you are about to go on the mountain flight in Nepal, you need to get to the airport from where you get on the plane that will take you to an amazing journeny over the Himalayas. You will be staying at hotel. Our team will pick you up from your hotel and see you off at the airport via a private vehicle (car). When you finish the moutain flight, you land at the airport from where you get picked up and dropped off at your hotel.

    Why Nepal Mountain Flight Tour from Kathmandu is a great tour package?

    Moutain Flight in Nepal is the tour package that brings you closer to the incredible nature that too in style. Also, there are many travelers who want to explore the mountains but can’t really do that as they are time-bound. Most travelers also can’t commit themselves to a long trekking journey to the mountains as it demands a great physicality and knowledge about trekking and traveling. Not only this, you can’t go on a trek with all your family because of the difference in age. Your children and old parents would feel it little bit complicated to go on the trek too.

    Amidst these times, the Mountain Flight in Nepal comes as the best tour package which allows you to go on the tour with all your family members with the least of the complications. Being a one day Nepal Flight Tour, you don’t need to worry about time too As it can be completed in few hours, you can plan other things in the day too while still completing the Moutain Flight Tour in Nepal by Plane from Kathmandu. Another great thing about the Nepal Mountain Flight Tour is that you don’t need to worry about the climate for a full day. Even though the weather is clear for few hours, you can go on the moutain flight and can return back without having to deal with any problems.

    How to book Mountain Flight in Nepal by Plane from Kathmandu?

    Mountain Flight in Nepal is one of the popular tours is loved by travelers from all around the world. During the peak tourist season, it is hard to get a mountain flight. However, with Welcome Nepal Treks you don’t have to worry about anything. You can book a mountain flight in Nepal via Welcome Nepal Treks, and can be totally sure to enjoy the helicopter trip to the fullest by sitting on the window seats or aisle seats. The Mountain Flight experience in the Himalayas is one of the most awesome memories you will have in your lifetime. It’s all about having a good time and on the Himalayas, the time becomes even more memorable.

    Mountain Flight Price in Pokhara | Mountain Flight Price in Nepal 2021/22

    The Mountain Flight in Nepal Price is around US$ 250 which is the all inclusive price brought to you by Welcome Nepal Treks. You can pick your private date of the flight and can join the tour. The Mountain Flight in Nepal by Plane from Kathmandu Price 2021/22 is also the same which is US$ 250.

    Pokhara is another great destination of traveling and exploring nature. Just like Mountain Flight in Nepal by Plane from Kathmandu, there are also Mountain Flights that start from Pokhara. The Mountain Flight Price from Pokhara is kind of similar with the Mountain Flight Tour Price from Kathmandu with the price being differentiating with the distance traveled.



    The whole motive of the Mountain Flight in Nepal is to give travelers the golden opportunity to look at the mountains via a view that is memorable for a lifetime. As for the question of whether Mount Everest can be seen from the flight or not, it is quite guessable. The fact is that you can see Mount Everest from the flight. Talking about the experience, it is one of the most iconic sights of any natural wonder you will get to see in a lifetime. That’s why Mountain Flight in Nepal by Plane has become so popular.

    When you are on the Mountain Flight over the Himalayas, you will be flying on a plane exploring the mountains. You may get confused about what to bring or not to bring on the mountain flight to Nepal. Well, the things you cannot bring on the mountain flight are the things that you cannot bring on any other commercial flight. You can’t bring any sort of sharp objects and weapons including any sort of big electronic device that may create a hassle while on the trip.

    About the things to bring on the Mountain Flight in Nepal, you can bring some snacks, some good outfits to click your pictures on, video cameras, mobile phones, and other things that are allowed to carry on the mountain flight. It is also advised to carry a small bag where you can have a water bottle or any other essential things which might be different for different people. The things to carry on the Mountain Flight in Nepal by Plane would be a great camera by which you can click the most gorgeous pictures of the Himalayas making it awesome to look at after you return back from the fun mountain flight.

    The mountain flights to Everest are safe and carried out following all the safety precautions. The weather condition is cross-checked by the flight personnel. After looking at the conditions for the flight to take off, the flight is carried out. Sometimes, there might be little turbulence on the mountain flights just like other commercial flights which is not that much complicated. As for the question, mountain flights to Everest are safe. However, all travelers should follow the safety precautions and instructions specified by the mountain flight personnel to make the whole trip worth remembering for all good reasons.

    There is no any specified mountain flight in Nepal that can be called the best mountain flight tour. Every mountain flight in Nepal is special on its own. The Mountain Flight to Everest is special for flying over the world’s highest peak looking at all the alpine stuff which the Everest Region has in its store. Similarly, Annapurna Mountain Flight is special in fact that it is the perfect exploration of all the mountains in the Annapurna Range where you can touch the Himalayas looking at the green grassy meadows. Travelers can choose the mountain flight as per their preference and with Welcome Nepal Treks, every mountain flight tour can become one of the best tours you will ever get into.

    The Mountain Flight Tour from Kathmandu to the Everest is one magnificent journey to be in which takes you closer to the mountains. You can have a conversation to the natural wonders that talk you the words of wisdom. Talking about the Everest Flight Tour Cost from Kathmandu, it costs around US$ 250 from Kathmandu via Welcome Nepal Treks. It is an all-inclusive price which has been dropped down from US$ 300.

    About the fact that planes fly around the Everest Region at a specified altitude following all the safety precautions, planes are not allowed to fly over Mount Everest for safety reasons. Planes will fly around the Himalayas giving you the golden opportunity to explore Nepal’s nature like never before but about the fact of flights flying over Mount Everest, it is strictly not allowed.


    Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world and stands as Nepal’s main identity. With different ways of exploring Mount Everest, travelers might be wondering about the fact that how can we explore Everest. Well, Everest can be explored via trekking, mountain flights, and helicopter tours. About the question is whether it is possible to go to Mount Everest on a helicopter. It is possible to go to Mount Everest Base Camp on a helicopter via the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Landing but not the summit of Mount Everest. Reaching the summit of Mount Everest is possible by only one way which is via mountaineering which takes a lot of hard work, time, and money.

    Everest Helicopter Tour and Everest Mountain Flight by Plane are both amazing Nepal Aerial Tour Packages that give you a perfect opportunity to explore the Himalayas in a whole different way. Putting a tour as a better option than the other is completely irrational. As both the Everest Helicopter Tour and Everest Mountain Flight are special in their own way. The fun you have in both the trips is ultimate and you can’t forget the memories of the trip you have been to once you return back.

    Tipping is not compulsory in any of the tour packages including the Mountain Flight Tour Package. It is completely optional to give or not to give the tip to the people who provide services to you. However, tipping is a great practice that motivates people to provide the best service and put their best foot forward in anything they do. As for the question, during the Mountain Flight Tour, you can wish to give or not to give a tip.

    Welcome Nepal Treks’ team comes to pick you up from the hotel and transfer you to the airport. You won’t be using any public vehicle. With the private car service, you get transferred to the airport via a private car that gives you the flexibility to sit in comfort and travel. The private vehicle service charges are all included in the tour package price.


    All in all, Welcome Nepal Treks welcomes you to Nepal which is known as the kingdom of moutains. Via the Nepal Mountain Flight Tour, you get to explore Nepal like never before. The flight tour in Nepal by Plane from Kathmandu is an incredibly popular Nepal Tour Package which has been the top pick for travelers who are time-bound and want to travel Nepal with family in the shortest time possible. Being a popular family tour package, Welcome Nepal Treks makes sure you have ultimate fun while still getting to know about the nature scene of Nepal once and for all. 2022/23 is destined to be a season of traveling to the core with fun and adventure on top, Mountain Flight Nepal Tour from Kathmandu is waiting for your auspicious arrival.