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Why Visit Bhutan At Least Once In Life? 5 Reasons

Lying at the eastern end of the Himalayas, Bhutan is the perfect destination if you’re searching for peace & fresh air. Listed below in this article are my top 5 reasons why you must visit Bhutan at least once in your life.

Religious beliefs/Buddhism:

Nearly 300 million people all over the world follow the religion of Buddhism. More than 2/3 of the Bhutanese residents follow Vajrayana Buddhism & nearly 1/3 follow Hinduism, which is the 2nd most prevailing religion in the country of Bhutan. People from every corner of the globe come on Bhutan holidays to see the monasteries in Bhutan.


While touring in Bhutan you’ll come across steep & high mountains interweaving by a large networks of swift rivers. The exceptional geographical diversity & the varied climatic conditions play a crucial part in contributing to Bhutan’s incredible range of biodiversity & ecosystems, which are worth exploring. 

Culture & society:

The tradition of Bhutan is deeply entrenched in its Buddhist legacy, be it the outfit, the language, the cultural activities or its national sport archery, which you have a feel of when you tour Bhutan. Also, you may get to witness a reunion in Bhutanese families where legacy is generally passed through the females rather than the males i.e. the daughters succeed to their parents' house & the man is expected to make his own way in the world and is asked to move to his wife's home.


Hand-crafted garments, Yatras or Yethras (multicolored strips of wool outfit, dyed with natural shades, which are employed to make jackets, bags, blankets and carpets), Buddhist portraits, stamps with detailed images, Dzi stones, brass sculptures of various Buddhas, saints, Vajra bells, Dorje bells employed for sacred rituals, cymbals, Bhutanese violins, Tibetan trumpets and prayer wheels are the different mementos that you may like buy from the markets of Bhutan.

Favorable weather:

The western side of Bhutan experiences heavy monsoon rains whilst the southern part experiences humid summers & cool winters and the central & eastern Bhutan stay temperate & drier compared to the west with warm summers & cool winters. Hence the country gives tourists the flexibility to pick the location & the time of the year to visit, relying upon the preferable climatic states.

If you would like to get away from noise and chaos, then a Bhutan tour is definitely worth trying. Since Buddhism is deeply engrained in the society mentality, finding peace in Bhutan shouldn’t be a problem.

Finding affordable Bhutan Travel Packages from Nepal shouldn’t be an issue since there are many tour operators to choose from.