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Three Star hotel in Nepal
Three Star hotel In Nepal

Nepal 3 (Three) star hotels and resorts directory. Nepal accommodation choices for 3 star luxury hotels and resorts. See list of Nepal hotels for full list or Nepal 3 star hotels for list showing a brief summary, reviews and customer ratings. For hotel information, hotel reviews, the best rates or to make a reservation, select a hotel and let be your Nepal travel agent.

Hotels in Kathmandu, Nepal – agent to Kathmandu hotels
Hotels and accommodation agent in Kathmandu - the definitive guide to Kathmandu Hotels. Welcome Nepal to hotels and accommodation in Kathmandu provides a brief summary, customer ratings and reviews for hotels and accommodation. For a quick summary see the list of hotels and accommodation in Kathmandu. For detailed Hotel information or to reserve a hotel or accommodation in Kathmandu, please select resort and let Welcome Nepal Treks and tour be your Kathmandu travel agent.

Three Star hotel in Nepal

Samsara Resort

Samsara Resort has been designed as a peaceful haven in Thamel, the main tourist district, which has a wealth of dining and shopping options. We have a delightful garden where you can relax, enjoy a drink or meet with friends away from the liveliness just outside....
Three Star hotel in Nepal

Kathmandu Guest House, Thamel, Kathmandu (Rooms: 121)

Kathmandu Guest House was a Rana mansion converted into a hotel by Karna Sakya in 1967. Starting with just 13 rooms, it has been slowly nurtured into a sprawling 121-room hotel with more than the required amenities. Today it is reputed to be an internationally acknowledged "best budget hotel". It is the first hotel established in Thamel, which is Kathmandu?s most popular tourist destination with the highest concentration of tourism-based service outlets in Asia. A hotel is a deep ingrained memory - an experience to reminisce, an escapade...
Three Star hotel in Nepal

Hotel Manang, Kathmandu (Rooms: 55)

Hotel Manang lies in most prominent place of Thamel "a shopper's paradise" - 15 minutes drive from the Tribhuvan Int'l airport. Manang is a stunningly beautiful land, but the soil is harsh, and the people work hard to raise crops like potatoes, maize and wheat. Yak herding is also a major livelihood. In the old days, Manang used to be an important trading center, and mule caravans laden with salt and chilly regularly traversed the Himalayan passes north to Tibet. The glorious traditions live on, and mention of Manang instantly brings to mind exotic culture...
Three Star hotel in Nepal

Hotel Marshyandi, Kathmandu (Rooms: 55)

HOTEL MARSHYANGDI- located in the heart of city " THAMEL " (main down town area of travelers ) has been providing world class living quarters to visitors since 1990 A.D. Thamel, the mecca of all tourists and a shoppers paradise is 15 minutes drive from Tribhuvan International Airport. Hotel Marshyangdi has been recognized as the best Deluxe hotel in Thamel which provides all the modern facilities with warm Nepalese hospitality. And we assure you that it is"YOUR CHOICE OF COMFORT"...
Three Star hotel in Nepal

Hotel Tibet, Thamel,Kathmandu (Rooms: 70)

Hotel Tibet is renowned for its hospitality and homely environment and is one of the hotels recommended by the LONELY PLANET AND LE GUIDE DU ROUTARD in Nepal. The hotel offers accommodation of international standard at reasonable rates with all the basic amenities essential for a deluxe hotel. For dining pleasure , the hotel offers two restaurants and a bar. The Himalayan Restaurant in the lobby area serves fine continental , Chinese, Indian, Nepali and Tibetan cuisine while the lobby bar is the perfect place to relax with your favorite drink after a hectic days...
Three Star hotel in Nepal

Hotel Harati, Thamel, Kathmandu (Rooms: 70)

Distraught, the parents appealed to Lord Buddha who just happened to be visiting the Valley them. Then Buddha craftily arranged to have Harati's favorite child abducted, letting her know that he had done so. In due course, the heart, broken mother appeared before him, begging him to return her child. Where upon the Buddha gently chided her for causing similar heartache to the parents of the children she had kidnapped and returned her child to her. Harati realized the pain she had caused the parents and returned the children to them but of the Buddha...